Prints can be on fine art paper, matted and framed. Or, they can be on ready-to-hang gallery wrapped canvas. The size of the prints will be in the 8” x 10”to 12” x 15” range. Artworks below are organized in compatible color combinations to allow for beautiful groupings of art pieces for your wall. These pieces are available for sale or licensing.


Blues and Warm Hues. Sunshine, sand and waves dance together in blues and warm hues like a happy day at the beach!

A Pair of Pastels. Soft pastel violets with calming blues and greens accented with just a touch of warmth.

Coastal Hike. Rusts, blues, and golds play in watery shapes against shore lines. Skylines nestle against the horizon. A fabulous day outdoors takes us on coastal hike with beauty in all directions.